Your rights and obligations are the same, whether you run your business online or from a bricks-and-mortar store.

Your business can be one step ahead with the ACCC’s online business resources and understand how Australian Consumer Law applies to you and your business.

Some tips to make sure your business is doing the right thing:

  • Provide information that is accurate and truthful when you post online about your product, service or business. This includes information about your prices, shipping and delivery times.
  • Don’t ask others to write reviews that aren’t genuine and truthful. Writing fake or misleading reviews is against the law.
  • If your product or service doesn’t meet consumer rights, you need to remedy the problem. Consumers have rights, called consumer guarantees, when purchasing certain products and services.

Remember, when you buy a product or service online from another business, you also have rights as a consumer. Be alert when buying online this holiday season.

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