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Home Based Business Survey

The Economic Development team at Mornington Peninsula Shire, offered businesses the opportunity to take part in a home based business survey.  The aim being to strengthen our understanding of the home based business sector.

A total of 485 respondents completed the survey. The mix of respondents included established and new businesses (startups), sole operators and those currently employing staff.

Some key findings from the survey were:

  • A typical Home Based Business on the Mornington Peninsula has been operating for more than 10 years
  • A typical Home Based Business operator works more than 31 hours per week and employs few or no staff
  • Almost all respondents expect business to be steady or grow
  • Over 90% primarily engage with customers face-to-face and are servicing the local market
  • Access to affordable commercial space would help with their growth plans


The results of the survey have been used to create an Action Plan to help support our Home Based Businesses (HBBs).

Some of these actions are to:

  • provide opportunities for HBB’s to enhance their business capabilities to encourage business growth;
  • link HBB’s with key service providers such as local co-working spaces;
  • facilitate transition of HBBs wishing to move to commercial premises; and
  • facilitate HBBs to expand markets, including beyond the region.


You can view the full survey report here: Mornington Peninsula Home Based Business Survey Report - Jan 2017

For further information on the Home Based Business survey, please contact the Economic Development team on 03 5950 1446 or [email protected]