Written by Tracey Cooper, Executive Chairperson of the Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism Board

1. Tourism is a growing industry

In the coming two years we’ll see many new facilities open and other treasured tourism products enhance their service offering. All of this means significant growth in the number and variety of tourism jobs in the region.

2. Diversity of career opportunities

I would urge anyone who is considering a career to explore the opportunities that exist in the tourism sector. The ‘visitor economy’ is one of Australia’s largest employment sectors and one that is growing. Consider the depth and variety of jobs that are available in tourism. There are customer-facing roles such as spa and beauty, hospitality, customer service and ticketing. Or ‘back office’ roles such as security, information technology, landscape, maintenance and engineering. Management roles in tourism are earned through a combination of skills learnt on the job and formal qualifications. Many members of our tourism industry have worked around the world. This could be as a vigneron or winemaker in another country for a vintage, as a restaurateur developing your own take on global flavours, or as a marketing professional selling your business to international travel and trade. The beauty is that in joining the tourism industry you are joining a global tribe.

3. Tourism suits everyone

The one thing that’s certain is that you can have a diverse and interesting career that can accommodate many life stages. Whether you’re a young person seeking to launch your career, a mum or dad returning to work, or a sea-changer looking for a career change, tourism is a viable option to explore. The great thing about working in a business that services people is that it is an industry that provides broad options in terms of working hours. You can choose to work in aspects