Are you a business owner, or work in the manufacturing sector, and looking to understand more about the circular economy? Recycling your waste is just one step in a circular economy, which focuses on creating a closed ‘loop’ around the way you use resources and energy to manufacture your products and manage the outputs (such as waste and packaging), to deliver a regenerating system.

Among the key benefits of a circular economy is less waste, reduced environmental impacts and less resource scarcity, which leads to cost savings and alternative revenue sources.

To find out more, you are invited to attend a webinar on 9 March from 9 - 10am to learn more.

This online forum will provide valuable information on how your business can improve its current practices, identify opportunities and access available economic support and resources. It is proudly supported by Sustainability Victoria, the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA) and South East Business Networks (SEBN).

At this session, we will explore the benefits of being part of a circular economy with industry speakers and practical case studies from local businesses.


The project is a collaboration between Monash University, Sustainability Victoria and other organisations to investigate, develop and support the adoption of circular economy strategies and plans in businesses in the south east. The project aims to identify key barriers to reducing waste and increasing circular economy practices, and develop practical resources and approaches for businesses to implement. They are also conducting a survey to as part of their research.