Based in Somerville Victoria, Sealite delivers smart, connected, solar-powered navigation lighting for maritime and aeronautical transportation world-wide.

“A fundamental design criteria for our Engineering group is to innovate products that are capable of withstanding extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters.” Chris Procter, CEO.

Renewable energy is seen as planet-friendly but not usually associated with mission-critical operations.  Yet few technologies could be more vital to transport safety than the global navigation system.

Sealite lights the seaways with a unique solar powered LED system. LEDs are highly reliable, but one failure could risk a whole ship. Sealite buoys incorporate advanced circuitry and using the internet and clever technology, each navigation buoy is monitored to know the right time to pay a maintenance visit and keep the whole system safe. The same thinking is applied to air transport landing strips, enabling vital trade and relief operations.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sealite’s whole operation is built around sustainability, from recycling the plastics that make the buoys, to designing and relocating into an energy-efficient factory that even processes grey water through purpose-built wetlands. The business is always looking for ways to do more with less and to use as much renewable energy as possible.

It’s harder to think of a smarter business that is more adapted to a changing climate. And it is leading the way here on Victoria’s famous Peninsula


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