Support Local.

Think. Spend. Recommend.

Our local businesses are a crucial to ensuring the Mornington Peninsula thrives. Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Support Local campaign showcases the many faces of our diverse local businesses and shares it with the wider community.

The campaign captures the real people behind our hard-working community, and urges everyone – community members, organisations, and businesses – to consider how we think, spend, and recommend local. We all play a role in supporting the local supply chain, building local networks, and being involved in the local community.

At the heart of the campaign is the Support Local Business Directory. This is backed up with a print and digital marketing campaign, alongside quality more in depth articles that showcase our local businesses and give practical advice to aid business recovery. Our goal is to represent local excellence who are are thinking local, spending local and recommending local in their own businesses and community.

The Shire applauds and encourages businesses to back locals by employing people who live on the Peninsula. We congratulate efforts to source produce locally grown and sold from other small local businesses to help strengthen the local economy. We commend the local collaborations seen between businesses innovating in their products and services for customers. And we celebrate all of this through our Support Local campaign.

Click on the tabs below to find out more about the campaign elements and to see how your business can get involved.

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