Business Guides

Social Media Guide:

It is recognised on the Mornington Peninsula that many businesses do not have a social media presence or are not confident in embarking on Social Media. With the assistance of a local Mornington based marketing company, we have produced this resource for all businesses titled It’s never too late to get social: Simple Social Media for Small Business on the Mornington Peninsula. This guide explains the different platforms, their uses, and what types of businesses would benefit. It also includes lots of facts and figures explaining why businesses should be embracing online marketing and includes some local case studies. Click here for the Social Media Guide.

Visual Merchandising Guide:

Visual merchandising is much more than just ‘window dressing’, the experience needs to be more than just a visual one in order to entice, delight, attract and keep the customer coming in and coming back to your business! The Chambers of Commerce and the Shire identified an opportunity to assist with expanding retailer’s skills in the area of visual merchandising. This mini guide was produced to help guide and improve the presentation of local businesses within the shopping strips on the Mornington Peninsula. Click here for the Visual Merchandising Guide.

Small Business Cyber Security Guide:

This guide has been developed to help small businesses protect themselves from the most common cybersecurity incidents. A cybersecurity incident that impacts a small business can be devastating. Unfortunately, we see the impact of cybersecurity incidents each and every day, on individuals, large companies and small businesses.​ Luckily, cyber security doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple measures that if understood and implemented, can significantly avoid, or reduce the impact of, the most common cyber security incidents. Click here for the Small Business Cyber Security Guide.