The MPBusiness website gives businesses the opportunity to get in front of  thousands of potential customers every year. For businesses to convert those that see their listing into purchasers it is important that the listing is interesting, authentic, and engaging - and that it tells the businesses story effectively.

If you have a business listing on MPBusiness, read on for our top tips to give your website presence some ‘wow’ factor. Each field and section is important!

Business name

Write your business name so people recognise it later on. This makes your listing memorable for the right reasons. You can leave off the ‘Pty Ltd’ if you have one, as it just clutters up the heading. Don’t be tempted to turn this field into a sentence – that’s what the description is for.


Lead by example

The description should be at least 2 paragraphs and should make readers want to act. The lead sentences (first 30 words or so) are key. What is the thing that will make people say “wow!” about your business? This will be displayed on the summary page alongside all the other businesses and is what will make readers click through for more information. Make it catchy, engaging, interesting, and inspire readers to read on.

Make sure you clearly describe what your business offers – products, services, experiences, etc. Explain why your business is good at what it does – years’ experience, qualifications, expertise, blend of talents, speed of service, creativity, etc. Also consider mentioning the outcomes and benefits to the customer - reliability, relaxation, excitement, fun, peace of mind, etc - and choose words accordingly.

Make it informative

Use adjectives to describe your products, services, or experience – quality service, speedy response times, beautiful giftware. Try to use precise, descriptive language without clichés, acronyms, trendy phrases, or slang terms.

Describe why your products, services or experiences are special. Avoid emotive language or superlatives like ‘best’, ‘world class’, ‘world famous’, ‘the most beautiful products on earth’, etc. Any claims that your product, service or experience is the ‘best’ must be substantiated by a third party such as a major media outlet or well-known award.

Make it personal

Use light and positive conversational language with a warm, informal and relaxed tone. Your language and tone should be professional and reflect your brand. Avoid flowery language or overly technical terminology. It should have substance and give clear information about an easy way to connect with you.

Using words like “you, yours, and you’ll“ will help the reader understand what they will experience. Avoid “our, we, my” words - the description needs to be about what the customer experiences, not what you have to sell.

Use an Active Voice to create a sense of urgency and to bring the experience to life. Form your sentences with the subject of the sentence performing the action rather than receiving the action (which would be a passive voice). Example;>>Passive: Be taken by limousine to a secret wilderness picnic and on the way back there will be turtles, crocodiles and dugongs you can see from the air.>>Active: Take a limousine drive to a secret wilderness picnic and on the way back, spot turtles, crocodiles and dugongs from the air.

Make it clear and coherent

Provide location context for your business, eg distance from a local town, position within a shopping strip or industrial estate, proximity to a well known location.

Give guidance on flexibility, inclusions, other options or add-ons and price variations, etc.

Refer to any star ratings that you have achieved that are worth boasting about – rating well on Google Review, Facebook or Trip advisor is worth talking about.

Proof-read carefully. Poor spelling and grammar reflect poorly on your business. Break up long sentences. Use commas and exclamation marks sparingly. Read back over what you have written - have you identified what the CUSTOMER is interested in, rather than what YOU want to tell them?


Using inferior photos reflects on your businesses reputation so make sure your first image is a show-stopper. This is the one that will be displayed alongside other businesses on the summary page.

Include a number of images – each one should explain the products and services that you have described in the business description.

Use images that show people that appear real, authentic and are more relaxed in style. Avoid photos that appear staged or overly polished. Consider using behind the scenes images to explain your business.

Technical Image Information:

Quality - for best results your photo or image should be horizontal format and in .jpg file format. To avoid the risk of your images looking blurry and unprofessional they should be at least 1MB in size.

No-No’s - images used without licence/permission (eg cartoon characters, people), montages of multiple photos (these create a confusing crop and don’t work on mobile view), images with word over them (cropping may cut them out, and it creates confusing content duplication).


Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has made every effort to ensure that the information included in this article is correct at the time of publishing but accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy or mis-description, whether by inclusion or omission.