Written by Australian Commis of the Year, Mornington Peninsula’s Laura Skvor

I started my apprenticeship in April 2016 at Petite Tracteur in Red Hill. I spent a year there before receiving the amazing opportunity to compete in the Bocuse d’Or, the worlds greatest culinary competition with Michael Cole, a local Flinders Chef.
Being an apprentice has been an amazing and challenging experience. I have been lucky enough to have so many amazing mentors, from the Chefs I have cooked under to my instructor at Rosebud Chisholm TAFE.
There are so many amazing restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula and with that comes a multitude of great opportunities for apprentices to learn and grow. My time with Petite Tracteur really taught me the fundamentals of being a chef. I learnt how a kitchen runs and to cook good French food.
Meeting and training under Michael Cole has really challenged my thinking on cooking. He is such a passionate and innovative chef who always pushes me to find the next idea or to refine a previous one to perfection.
The hospitality community on the Mornington Peninsula is second to none. People everywhere, whether front of house or back of house are extremely welcoming and so ready to share wonderful knowledge about their industry. The peninsula has so many great facets when it comes to the culinary industry. We are surrounded by some of the most incredible, fresh produce with passionate growers and artisans. How could anyone lack inspiration when we are surrounded by such delicious bounty?
Only being relatively new in the cooking world, I am so excited to be continually inspired by incredible produce and passionate chefs from such a wonderful part of the world. The Mornington Peninsula is the best place to learn and grow if you want to be a top chef.
-Laura Skvor