From 27 March 2021, businesses using electronic record-keeping must only use QR Code providers who are connected to the API.

If you are:

If you need to change providers because your current provider does not intend to connect to the Victorian Government Visitation API, the Victorian Government QR Code Service is easy to use and is free for all Victorian businesses and organisations. To discuss your situation or to get help with complying with the directions, contact Business Victoria.

Check if your business is mandated to use a digital system to meet electronic record-keeping requirements at Victorian Government API - FAQs.

Your business may already be using a digital solution that uses the API and meets record keeping requirements. If you are happy with your provider, then you may continue to use it.

If the developer isn't connected to the Victorian Government Visitation API, you‘ll need to switch to the Victorian Government QR Code Service or a provider who is already connected. This will ensure your business is compliant. The new service must be connected to the DH contact tracing system via the API.

If you need to change your provider, check your contract for any costs involved. You may have to keep paying for the app even if you've stopped using it.