The Environment Protection Act is being amended by the State Government from July 1 this year, with increased obligations on property owners and tenants to maintain their septic systems, prevent the system from damaging the environment, and keep records of system maintenance. The Shire’s Environmental Health Team will be holding information sessions on these requirements in the coming weeks – look out for your invitation.

There are many food premises on the Mornington Peninsula that do not have access to sewerage and rely on septic systems to treat and dispose wastewater on site.

Proper maintenance of your septic system can prevent problems and save on costly repairs. You should know the location of the system on your property and at least twice a year take the time to consider the health of that system. Due to the type of wastewater generated by food premises, and the high wastewater flow rates during weekend and holiday periods, special care is recommended for each onsite septic system. Drains and disposal trenches should be checked regularly, secondary treatment plants must be serviced quarterly, and septic tanks should be desludged annually.  You must have a licenced contractor carry out this work.

Chemicals such as solvents, oils, disinfectants, undiluted bleaches and pesticides can kill the helpful bacteria in your septic system, as can grease, fats and winery/food production waste.

Prevent these from entering your septic system, along with disposable sanitary items, wipes and food scraps that are harmful to septic systems.

Further information on the amended Environment Protection can be found through the following link: What the new Act means for Victorian businesses | Environment Protection Authority Victoria (