Many food premises also do not have access to mains water and rely on a private water supply, such as tank water or bore water.

To be safe for human consumption in a food premises, drinking water must not contain disease-causing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or parasites) or chemicals at potentially harmful levels. The physical quality (appearance) of the water should be good: it should have no suspended material such as clay or silt, and it should be clear and colourless, with no unpleasant taste or odour. Tank and bore water is not likely to meet this standard without treatment and monitoring

State Government guidelines are available to assist food business proprietors provide water that is safe for human consumption. If your business has a private water supply, you must arrange testing of the water annually by a public analyst to demonstrate it’s safety. This will be part of your annual assessment by the Shire’s Environmental Health Team

For further information use the following link: Guidelines for private drinking water supplies at commercial and community facilities - health.vic