The pandemic has pushed a lot of new businesses into online for the first time and has meant that existing online businesses are fighting for a piece of the pie against these newcomers. In today’s digital landscape hopefully almost everyone has Google Analytics in place but how many know how to read and interpret the data? How many don't look at it because it doesn't make sense or is not laid out in an easy to read way? How many want to improve the conversion rate of their website but don't know where to start?

To gain a better understanding of how to go about this we caught up with Terry Johns from Kraken Data. As someone with a passion for something called ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation and Analytics’ he definitely knows how to make business websites generate more revenue through using Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of the customers that use it.

Terry shared his 5 key tips to get your Google Analytics moving along on the right path.

1. Ready

Every website can have Google analytics easily implemented and enabled. It is an invaluable source of information for your business in understanding who is looking at what on your website, where they come from and how they engage with your content. If you are unsure if you have access to this functionality, talk to your website manager or developer.

“Implement Google Analytics correctly, this will ensure accurate data as you look to track onsite events, campaigns, e-commerce and your general online performance.”

2. Set

Make the most of powerful Google Analytics tools to help you set specific goals and monitor how your website performs. Things like how many people click on your subscribe button, how many people request a downloadable pdf, or how many convert into sales and become customers. They can be a bit tricky to set up, so get some professional help if you need.

“Define the goals that will allow you to measure your online conversion rate. This will give you your baseline for continuous improvement.”

3. Build

Google analytics allows you to create custom reports and dashboards based around your website business goals; they help you to quickly visualise and better understand your website data. You can use these like shortcuts to get a snapshot or export them as pdf’s for reporting to your stakeholders.

“Google Analytics has a great gallery of existing templates that can be used quickly and easily.”

4. Create

Custom segments that allow you to measure the performance of specific audiences against others. For example, customers who have recently purchased or visitors who have arrived from your marketing campaigns.

“Using the tools in Google Analytics means you can get to know your customers better and identify how they use your site so that you can improve their online experience.”

5. Compare

Google Analytics allows you to compare data across a date range defined by you. You can compare week to week, month to month, year on year, or whatever period you like! You can also then filter down and see what pages have been popular (or not) during that period, and where your visitors have come from.

“Ask yourself; How did this month compare to last month? How did a recent site change affect visitor behaviour? What do I need to change to make the site work better?”

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These 5 tips are a great starting point for your consideration. Feel free to check out our other articles, webinars and industry development opportunities for ways to further your knowledge and upskill your team.

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Meet our Local Expert:  Terry Johns – Kraken Data, Mornington

Terry Johns, Kraken Data

Terry Johns is the Principal CRO Consultant and a Director of Kraken Data, a company that specialises in using data to provide insights for online companies. He is also a conversion rate optimisation specialist, looking to maximise the ROI for all online traffic. Having worked with large companies (i.e. NAB and QBE), as well as smaller companies, his goal is to make sure they have properly implemented analytics and tracking, building KPI dashboards that help them prioritise their development and help build out optimisation roadmaps where hypotheses are tested to enable data driven decision making.