Social media is now almost an integral part of business marketing, but platforms like Instagram seemingly changes almost on a daily basis so how do you know if you are doing it well? What better way to find out than to catch up with not one, but two local Instagram experts – Lisa Holmen, local freelancer, and Nilu Noble from Melbourne.Escapades. These self-confessed Instagram-tragics really know how to use this platform to create strong connections with their audiences and make it deliver results.

We asked them to give us their top 5 tips for Instagram and they whittled it down to these basics:

 1.    Create compelling content

Fundamentally you need to create content which appeals to your target audience. High quality photos matter but it doesn’t have to be an expensive photography shoot, good results can come from a smart phone if you use light correctly. Create well thought out captions which resonate with your followers and include a call to – get your followers to do something. Aim to produce more video content – Instagram favours this at the moment – so don’t neglect reels, stories and Instagram TV (if relevant).

“ Bring your brand to life by inviting your customers in behind the scenes videos of your kitchen (stories are perfect for this) and tell them your story of how you got started and what inspires you.”

2.    Consistency is Key

When it comes to posting, consistency is key. Try to post to your Instagram frequently, at least 3 – 4 times per week and more if you have LOTS of meaningful content. Make sure each post fits your businesses style and tone of voice

Use a scheduling app to make posting more efficient – for example Later or Planoly.

“Post at your peak times according to when most of your audience is online (you can find these in your instagram insights).”

3.    Interact with your audience

Take the time to engage and stay connected with your audience. This means replying to comments and direct messages to make your followers feel loved. If you get negative feedback or complaints on Instagram, take the conversation offline.

“Ensure you are responding to customers/followers in a timely manner.”

4.    Write a good quality bio

Don’t just copy your Linked In profile or website copy, Instagram profiles are very different and a lot more casual. If you’re a business, ensure your business has a business profile rather than a personal one.

“Ensure there are contact details on there so your customers can get in touch – phone, email and website.”

5.    Use Hashtags

Using hashtags smartly will result in more reach for your posts. Think about what words your target market may be searching for and test them out. If you want to delve a little deeper, try using a tool like ‘Hashtagify’,

”Mix up the hashtags each time you post – Instagram’s algorithm often penalises and shadow bans accounts who just copy and paste the same hashtags each time.”

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These 5 tips are a great starting point for your consideration. Feel free to check out our other articles, webinars and industry development opportunities for ways to further your knowledge and upskill your team.

The Mornington Peninsula has an abundance of talented local people in business. As part of the Support Local campaign we are connecting local business experts to you, our local business community. In our new series of blogs, each local expert offers their valuable insights on a business-related topic. Through sharing their expertise and insider knowledge, these experts hope to play a part in re-energising the economy with new ideas to support local.

Meet our Local Expert: Lisa Holmen – Freelancer

Lisa Holmen

Lisa blends her love of travel and food on social media and in her travel, food, recipes and lifestyle blogs. With an aim to ‘eat the world’ one inch at a time, she has packed a lot into the last few years and now works as a freelance agent using her skills in social media, photography and marketing to help businesses and brands deliver results.  She also writes as a regular contributor for Gram Magazine, Jetstar and many other online publications.

Meet our Local Expert: Nilu Noble – Melbourne.escapades

Nilu Noble - Melbourne.Escapades

With more than 40, 000 followers on Instagram, Nilu is definitelya force to be reckoned with. As a self-titled Melbourne + Peninsula mumma, foodie, traveller & storyteller she is also a blogger and contributing writer for MamaM!a