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Tourism, find your dream job and lifestyle (Michael Chaffe)

Searching for a career with limited experience, Michael landed his dream job. With strong mentors surrounding him he has risen to the top of his field and collaborates with world renowned events all the while promoting the peninsula.

Starting from the bottom is the way to success (Conleth Roche)

Starting as a kitchen hand in an Irish pub, Conleth began his journey in tourism. After travelling and working across the globe, he chose the Mornington Peninsula to capitalise on his wealth of experience and is now one of the most highly respected tourism operators in Australia.

The growing trend of health and wellness in tourism (Brett Blanch-Hellyer)

Brett wanted to mix his newly acquired health and physiotherapy skills with a career on the Mornington Peninsula. Drifting away from conventional methods of healing, Brett found another way to revive the body in tourism.

Be one of the lucky ones, embrace your passion for food (Josh Tirant)

A country boy born and bred, Josh wanted to ensure he could pursue his dream within an environment similar to his upbringing. Common misconceptions surrounding Josh’s first-rate career are dispelled through insights into his life and love of food.

You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for (Alex Dudley Bateman)

With sport being the main focus of Alex’s upbringing, his dream to have a sporting career on the peninsula seemed like an impossibility. Persevering through the highs and lows, Alex now has the career of his dreams in the place of his dreams.

Healing the body, mind, and spirit through creative synergies (Leith Gooding)

Leith believes your surrounding environment is all important in nudging the body into a place of relaxation. Partnering with like-minded operators, Leith has created a holistic approach to tourism.

Tourism, giving people the opportunity to reach their full potential (Jessica Marshall)

Thinking about a life after secondary school, Jessica considered what was most important for her future. She was inspired by the lessons learnt early in life; welcoming friends and family into your home and offering food, fun, and laughter.

Forge new paths in life and work with the leaders in adventure (Bridget De Lange)

Refusing to conform with normal post-secondary endeavours, Bridget chose a career that needed no prerequisites. This career is full of adventure and her future now has endless possibilities.

Quit your day job and get a first choice career (Tracey Flemming)

Tracy created her own destiny by working her way into tourism and framing her life around it. Having worked in multiple tourism roles and venues whilst having a family, she embodies the diversity of what a tourism career can be.

On the map to be a global food destination (Michael Cole)

Michael actively sought an opportunity to discover a locale where he could mix his hunger for quality produce with his culinary intelligence. By chance he heard of the Mornington Peninsula.

Reinvent yourself and your career after children (Penny Takenaga)

Penny’s passion for language and culture has taken her across the world. Now a mother, Penny returns to the peninsula to provide the lifestyle she dreamed of for her children whilst still making her mark in tourism.


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